Erasmus and Love

February is the month of love and that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate this blog exactly to that. I know that St. Valentines has past and we all wanna forget about this nightmarish excuse of a holiday but now is the time fooor love advice/observations about ammm Italian men!

The Erasmus experience seductively promises times filled with love adventures of all sorts BUT for Erasmus students in Italy the possibilities double if not triple especially for the female Erasmus representatives. It is every girls’ paradise! (sorry guys)

Prepare yourself for a whole different level of sexy. Italian men-charming above all levels, gentleman in all times, always very well dressed, always knowing what to say and like my friend Anna says “with that special sparkle in their eyes”-are gonna inevitably steal your heart!

Once you have fallen into the ‘Italian trap’ here are the most important things you need to do to keep an Italian boyfriend:

  1. First and up most you must yell at your partner as angrily and as loudly as you can-It is a symbol of great love and affection in the Italian culture.funny-memes-let-me-love-you
  2. Always expect your significant other to prepare traditional Italian food for you. If the partner claims that he doesn’t know how to cook, an obvious lie, just closing them in the kitchen when it’s time to eat will result in incredibly well prepared dishes done in the first attempt. Remember, Italian men are born knowing how to cook!cb915a2ac0fa413f6d9640a97c30ff77
  3. Third, learning their language. The real Italian boyfriend always does his best to teach you the most important things in Italian, that way he can introduce you to his mom.9ede87be90d2ed518cb648f97d2934bf596e8ec263db585bedee2810d8954799_1
  4. Liking all the Facebook pictures of him and his mom is essential.tumblr_lze25wHEwJ1qzzw87o1_500
  5. Learning the Different types of pasta and using them correctly. Remember, braking the spaghetti in two before boiling might result in you braking up with your Italian boyfriend!120dd49343c44035350621dba599dd6f
  6. Telling him that you love him 10000000 times a day and constantly giving him compliments- that will certainly increase the potential of your relationship by another 25%. Ah, and don’t forget that the Italian boyfriend is always right.d4c664ea315615112650532717f695d38322f34ff18a25f7419beb64ebba6d5c
  7. If you happen to eat breakfast in the morning, with your new Italian boyfriend that is now a thing of the past. Substituting your healthy breakfast- oats, eggs or just a nice ham and cheese sandwich, with a full of sugar and empty calories croissant or with a little tiny toast with jam is completely necessary to keep your relationship alive!giphy
  8. Aw, I almost forgot to mention: ‘Girls nights out’ is gonna turn into your biggest nightmare having to tell your Italian boyfriend later EXACTLY what did you do and who did you talk to. And forget about drinking in his absence. For doing that you will be punished with an all-night interrogation of why did you did it and promises of never doing it again.7d085959afa82f97b2cb34025b8fbd6e2dba125c98ade775328e6e277dfb78e7
  9. Saying ‘ciao’ and ‘ti amo’ at the end of a phone conversation is obligatory. Not doing it leads to immediate breakup.tumblr_ltn7q0RY5L1qbxb10o1_r1_500.gif
  10. Finding time for your Italian boyfriend is your top priority! What’s that? You went on an Erasmus exchange to study and to explore a new culture?! Forget it! Now, thanks to your Italian boyfriend you have practically explored everything there is to explore- the kitchen. If you dare to go to lessons a detailed description of how the lesson was and how did it made you FEEL must be provided in a written and oral form.b37wxGR
  11. Never ever, ever, turn off your phone under any circumstances. Dead battery or no service is no excuse or a reason for you not to contact your Italian boyfriend. You are better than that! A devoted girlfriend always finds a way!cefb48c9df2c45a9b30abb27a1ea6c0cc67e750a85ec7df6ab0c1f90e96ec599
  12. You like gelato? No, no-no more gelato for you! You must keep fit for your Italian boyfriend-ALWAYS! He will never go to a gym though. He is beautiful the way he is!  a56cc42d359935d11b82dcf77f4069f6ead6ce15d1d4ec2dd28be824caf88169.jpg
  13. And last but not least, if you feel like you’re not good enough for your Italian boyfriend-don’t worry about it-you are most definitely not! He is Italian after all-he is perfect!a898d03af5d4f947764335250acb0f47
  14. And did I mention he’s ALWAYS right! Remember that!7bc44a0051b524b34e7e5ca1ffc566f267d37fc1_hq.gif

*Inspired by and dedicated to the best boyfriend in the world!

Ti amo, Jacopo, sei il mio amore <3!

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