From the Ski Slopes to the Beach

We made it from the white ski slopes to the clear Lake and to the sunny beach all in ONE weekend – California’s geography makes it possible.

On Wednesday Julian, Sindre, Josh & I had spontaneously decided to go skiing on the Friday. The prices for the lift tickets in the USA are usually very expensive, and can range from $40 – $130. However, ‘Boreal’, close to North Lake Tahoe, has special students deals on Fridays for only $15! We left early Friday morning and drove east for 3 hours. We rented our skis & snowboards at one of the rental places in Truckee, which cost us around $28-35 for the day. Then we finally made it onto the ski slopes. It was 10 degrees Celsius and sunny – never before have I worn such few layers while skiing. On top of that, never before have I ever smelt this much weed on the slopes – Oh California…

We spent the whole day on the slopes and trying out the different jumps and even the half pipe! Boreal has floodlights, so after having enjoyed the sunset we continued skiing and snowboarding in the dark.

To make the most of our weekend trip we stayed for the next day. We ended up parking our car in the middle of the parking area of a ski resort. It wasn’t the best night of sleep with four people cramped into the car and with the bright lights of the snow blower going up and down the ski slope next to us… but at least we had a lot of fun. At dawn we woke up from the staff beginning their shift in the morning. We decided to wait a bit, secretly tidy up our sleeping bags in the car and sneakily drive off.IMG_9774We stopped at a nearby pier for breakfast. The place reflected true serenity – the clear blue water, the snow capped mountains and the crisp morning air. The boys and I wanted to spend the day hiking, however that is a little challenging with the snow during this season. We hiked up to Eagle’s rock for a breath-taking panoramic view and then took a stroll along the lakeshore – exactly what we needed to fully absorb the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

We left the snow behind us and drove back west into the warmth. After a good night’s sleep in a warm bed, we drove to the beach in Santa Cruz the following day. The weather cleared up during the day, so our big group from Ihouse had a long and lovely day in the sun.


From the ski slopes to the beach – California has it all! 


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