Calm Christmas, Hectic January


Home, Sweet Home

As I mentioned before, over Christmas, I went back home for two weeks. It wasn´t possible to go for more than 2 weeks as the exam period here had already started on the 4th of January (oh how I missed the lovely Glasgow´s uni before-Christmas exam period).  It was so nice to see my family and friends after those three months apart and just enjoy Christmas and have some time together. My boyfriend from Belgium also came to visit for the first time so I could show him a little bit of beautiful Slovakia


Christmas dinner with my bros :*


My two loves


A Belgian drinking Slovakian 1 euro beer


Having my mum, brothers, best friend and boyfriend together ❤ Pure happiness


New Year’s Eve house party

After a calm Christmas I had two weeks of exams and fortunately, I passed all of them getting all the credits needed for the first semester. As an Erasmus student in Europe and a language student, you have to have 60 credits per year (of whatever subjects you want). You’re obliged to sit all of the exams, but pass only 40 credits. Thanks to that, now in the second semester I can take more challenging subjects even though I probably won’t pass them. I took some management classes in French, as I am doing business and management at Glasgow Uni! I also took translation classes, which are extremely hard considering the fact that all of my classmates are French and I am supposed to have the same level of French while translating from English to French, using all the tenses and grammar rules correctly. Considering the fact that I am neither English nor French, the probability of passing this class is not really high:P I am quite happy about this choice as more difficult subjects will help me to improve my French so much more and that´s the reason why I am here ☺




´Voyage Voyage´

I’ve been quite bad at writing this blog after exams as I haven’t stopped travelling since then.


First, I left my beloved Toulouse to enjoy the fresh mountain air of the Pyrenees. More precisely, we went to the ski resort St. Lary. Pyrenees are only around 2 or 3 hours away from Toulouse and the ski resorts are huge. Even the smallest one is bigger than the biggest Slovakian one, not even talking about the UK haha. We went with a group of 14 people and got two apartments in a nice hotel with a pool in the village just off the ski resort. We managed to find really nice accommodation for a reasonable price and we rented a huge car for only 33 euros for 3 days for 5 people. There is plenty of websites here in France where you can rent a car from a private owner which makes the whole service so much cheaper than it would be using a private hiring company. Also skiing is not that expensive, we paid around 26 euros for a day; but the ski resort is so huge that you can’t do the whole thing in just one day.You can even pass to a Spanish side which is quite easily recognizable by hearing Spanish songs on the slopes. First day we all skied and the second day tired of skiing we went to a spa. It was a complex full of pools and saunas; it was the perfect end of a long weekend full of partying and skiing in the mountains. The lovely group of French people I went with even brought a machine to make Raclette –a typical French winter dish based on heating the cheese under a broiler (I was again really surprised to see the main ingredient to be cheese, haha).We also made our own mulled wine to keep ourselves warm. 😛


Ready for the weekend


We love Pyrenees!


Party party





The week after ski we headed to Milan, Italy! As I love traveling I always try to look for cheap tickets to go anywhere. In December I got lucky finding flight tickets from Lourdes to Milan, the cheapest ones starting with 5 euros. I immediately booked them together with my mates. In the group of people going, there was an Italian guy and girl living just outside of Milan, as well as a guy who lived in Milan for 3 years. The others have friends living in Milan as well! It was perfect as they knew where to go and they could show us a typical night out in Milan. The Italian girl even invited us to her house for a dinner, which was an amazing experience to see a typical Italian family.


Dinner at the sweetest Italian family in the world

We flew to a small town near Milan called Bergamo. A few days before the trip a friend of mine told me that this town is definitely worth seeing, so after getting off at the airport we just said “why not” and jumped on the bus to Bergamo city centre, not knowing what we would see there. Honestly, this small town is 5 times prettier than anything in Milan and part of the town is located on the hill, full of old stunning streets with the most phenomenal church I have ever been to on the top.


View from the hill


Inside of the church


Milan as a huge central city, as well as a student city has its charm and the nightlife is incredible as well. Everyone does something called Apero – you go to a bar, pay around 10 euros, get a cocktail, whichever kind you want, and there is an all you can eat buffet full of amazing Italian food. Going to a club is quite expensive though, they were around 20 euros and often more expensive for guys than for girls. I felt so lucky to live in Toulouse where a good bottle of wine is around 3 euros and you can find a good club with a free entry (#studentlife).


Galeria Vittorio Emanuele


Duomo di Milano with my fave


The weekend in Milan and Bergamo made me fall in love with Italy, especially the Italian food and the coffee. First, I was surprised to see a coffee being twice as smaller as in the rest of Europe, but it was so strong and tasty that after coming back to Toulouse I found it hard to enjoy the coffee again haha.


Having a coffee just next to Duomo


On our way back home we stopped in Lourdes, a town in the south of France known thanks to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The town is full of shops with statues of the Virgin Mary and we also visited the grotto where she appeared to St Bernadette. We also drunk the water from the spring, which is famous for its miracle healing of cases of nervous disorders and cancers to paralysis and even blindness.


La Grotte- place where the apparitions happened


Apart from this, I did some small travels around Toulouse which I´ll be talking about in the next blog. Thank for reading my blog and feel free to ask me whatever you want to on my Facebook (Andrea Lulovicova) or my Glasgow uni mail


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