Fjord dipping, a gingerbread festival, and everything in between

Hello again! I have now returned to Bergen after a very long Christmas break, and I have a lot to catch up with in this post. My accommodation is noticeably quieter now, as a lot of my friends were in fact only here for one semester, so while I naively thought I would be an old hand at the exchange-student-deal now, I feel somewhat back to square one. However, it’s great to be back with my flatmates, and I was over the moon to learn that they hadn’t forgotten who I was during my two month sabbatical! Of course, I was devastated to learn that I’d missed out on the annual tradition of going swimming in the frozen fjord, but hey, what can you do?


Starting at the end:


  • Exams went well which was a pleasant surprise. As I said before, exams are completely different here to Glasgow, with all of mine sat digitally. I also had four hours for each one, which was a lovely change from the panic-filled, hand-cramp-inducing hour and a half that usually looms with Glasgow exams (take note, law department). My grade conversions haven’t been confirmed yet, but you get a pretty good idea of how this works on Moodle.
  • Bergen in winter is, quite simply, beautiful. I’m currently writing this post on a gorgeous, sunny day, in stark contrast to what people would have had me believe Norwegian winter would be like (see: Christmas is a pretty big deal in Norway, and between the “åpning av Julegaten” (Christmas lights switch on and equivalent of Black Friday), ‘Lysfesten” (festival of light) and “Pepperkakebyen” (the world’s largest gingerbread city – incredible) I wasn’t left disappointed.

The current view from my bedroom window







Lysfesten 2015






Once I got home at Christmas, I had five Australians come to stay; one that I had met in Bergen, and four friends. It was great to have them in Glasgow and get to play tour guide for the day, and without doubt one of the best things about exchange is knowing that wherever you go in the world, chances are you’ll know someone who’s willing to put you up for a few days – however I’m not going to get my hopes up that after a year in Norway I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of weeks in Western Australia any time soon.



When Aussies invade @ Ashton Lane

After such a long break I’m finding it difficult to motivate myself to make the journey back into uni every day, but with a trip to Poland booked for the end of the month I don’t have much to complain about.

For now, as always, if anyone has any questions about Bergen or studying in Europe, don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook or email me at


Ha det bra!

Selena xo


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