Somewhere I can call home

Hej hej! Hello from your super-sick-of-this-cold-weather SASA in Lund, Sweden! (It was -12°C the other week. Yup. It’s cold.)

My main reason for this post is to talk about accommodation here in Lund. When I talk to people about Lund and accommodation, they usually tell me about the perils of finding a nice place, the ridiculous rent and nightmare stories of scams.

So when I was offered a studio room for rent that is cheaper than what I paid for a corridor room in Glasgow, I was thrilled. There were no pictures online of the place, but it was better than nothing! I Google mapped it and it looked pretty decent. I moved in and there was nothing I could really complain about. I had my own bathroom, my own kitchen, and a little balcony.

However, I was never fully satisfied with my studio. I was on the ground floor, and people were constantly walking past my room. It felt like I couldn’t have any privacy. It was also very cold, but that was more of an issue with the owners of the building. It was a place I did not enjoy living in and where I never felt completely comfortable.

So when my Swedish friend Amanda asked if I wanted a new place to live, I didn’t think twice about it. I didn’t even need to see the place; I was already out of the cold studio room in my mind. Not only was the rent almost half what I was paying, but Amanda’s place would also have OTHER PEOPLE. That’s one thing I never thought about. Living alone, and being in a place where you could potentially spend 48 hours without human contact was not a realistic lifestyle for me.

I’m now living in a cosy flat, with functioning central heating and a bathtub and I couldn’t be happier.

It was a big decision and it was not easy to move again, but what the heck! This has definitely changed my experience of living abroad, and made it much more authentic by having my own resident swedes to spend it with.

The main take home message is not to be afraid of making a move when abroad. Where you live plays a huge role in your year abroad! I felt isolated from Swedish culture by living in purely international halls, and I was craving some real Sweden. I’m now trying to learn more Swedish, and learning a lot about what it is being a student in Sweden and in general what it is being Swedish!

If you have any questions about accommodation in Lund, please don’t hesitate to ask me! My email is 🙂

And if you would like to see some nice pictures of where you could be studying as soon as this September, check me out on Instagram!


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