Why Toulouse is the best city to do Erasmus in/why I love my erasmus year so much

Parties, parties everywhere.

Before I came to Toulouse, whenever I told someone I was gonna do erasmus, everyone would say: “oh you´ll be partying so much!“ . And yeah.. they were right, haha. As everyone is trying to enjoy their erasmus year the best they can, there are parties all the time. Also, Toulouse is a major student city so there is never a dull night. Moreover, even though I love Glasgow incredibly much, I must admit that nights out here are sometimes almost as good as or better then those in Glasgow. The nights are still quite warm even in November and it barely rains, despite the fact it´s autumn, so you´re always tempted to spend the night somewhere out. From Glasgow I am used to do lots of flatparties and then going to clubs. Here it´s a bit different, people do pre-drinks – so called ´apéro´, which usually includes dinner and drinks. Then you go to a pub, but even though it´s pub, its always really busy and everyone is dancing everywhere- on tables especially. Which is amazing for me, cos whenever I was dancing on the table in a pub in Glasgow I got told off . After 2 am if you´re still not tired that´s the time to go to a club ( at this time clubs in Glasgow close and you go for a chips and cheese and afterparty to someone´s flat ) to dance till early morning . Also, I thought Scots are crazy when partying , but the French, they are nuts ! Whenever I go out here I have so much fun !


Food ( I know I already mentioned it, but I just love it )

As the winter is slowly coming, there is nothing more pleasant then goignt to a cosy french restaurant and eating hot cheese fondue. It consists of different kinds of cheese melted together with wine and you dip bread and potatoes into it. For the lovers of cheese it´s a heaven, but be carefull about calories  haha!



Also if you´re in France, it´s a must to try typical french ´crepe´ ( pancake), you can have it either salty or sweet. They´re all really delicious. There is lots of ´creperies ´ everywhere in France and it´s a good place to have a romantic date with a French gentleman. 😛



At the end of october, just before Halloween, we had a long week break, just before half-semester exams start. Lots of people have gone home, but I prefered to stay as I love the place so much. The weather was still awesome so we visited places around Toulouse , as Narbonne- lovely medditerean town. It´s quite easy to travel here around south France. Lots of people use Megabus, as it´s so cheap, especially when you book it in advance. Another favorite transport mode is through Blablacar. It´s a website for covoiturage- carsharing, so people post where are they going and when and how any places is left in the car. It´s reliable and cheap way of transport and you can meet lots of nice people while sharing a relatively cheap journey with them.



DSC01674 (30)5

Beautiful autumn

Even though Toulouse is a big city, just following Canal du Midi ( a long canal in Southern France) you can be out of a town in few minutes. During holidays we took bicycles and went by the canal quite far away( if you wanted you could even get to Carcassone in this way). The nature during autumn here is amazing, all the colours and trees were just ´incroyable´.



sunset at le lac de la Ramée ( just outside of Toulouse)DSC01674 (60)


Jardin de japonais- a park in the centre of Toulouse11


You can find this waterfall in the centre of Toulouse 😛

Improving my french

The more  I am here, the easier I find it to speak french.  Living in the country it´s just the best way to learn the language, and even though I still speak a lot of english I am picking up french easily. But because the french pronounciation is extremely difficult, few awkward situations happened to me when speaking french. For example I was telling my friend that if he wanted to shower at my place he could. So I said : Si tu veux prendre la douche, tu peux. But I accidentally pronounce peux, as pues, which means to stink, so basically what I said was , if you want to take shower, you stink. Luckily he knows how my french is so he understood. Haha. Also my english friends still keep pronounce beaucoup ( meaning- a lot) as beau cul  ( meaning nice ass) so instead of saying merci beaucoup ( thanks a lot) they say thanks nice ass. Which is extremely amusing for french people.  So if you´re lecturer or tutor is correcting your pronounciation , he has a point.


After holidays I had exams from all of my subjects, so I also spent some time studying. All my french friend are really supportive and want to help me with my french exams, so I am not really stressed out. Also if you fail here, you also have chance to resit at the end of the year.But I hope it will not be my case 😛 .

A bit of sad news

After the events on the 13th November, the athomsphere in France is sad, but it´s nice to see that people stick together. People are scared and worried, as many of them have friends or families in Paris (including myself ). We´re in the state of emergency now and schools,universities and metro stations have armed police all around France. Candles are lit on the biggest squares and no one is talking about anything else. France is now my home and it´s devastating to see what´s happening here. I am sending my thoughts and all of my love to families and people affected by this terrible incident.

13The memorial at Capitole, Toulouse



Thanks for reading my blog and get in touch if any questions !! will be glad to answer all of them ! Bisous



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