The Reason I chose UBC.

Ok so UBC is a fantastic all round university like The University of Glasgow.

But I would be lying if that was the reason that I chose to come to study here. Before being a student, I am a rock climber. If you have ever seen pictures of British Columbia you can imagine that this would be the perfect place for me to spend a year!

One of my goals coming across here was to climb the rock faces of the Squamish Chief. pictured below.DSC02599

I expected to build up to this goal over the entire year and finally climbing the Chief in late spring 2016. However, the second week of term at UBC I received a message from a super friendly and motivated climber from Romania who has been living here the past 15 years. He was responding to a post I put on a Facebook group at 8pm that night. His message was simple, lets climb the Squamish Chief tomorrow!

A lot of being on exchange is about just going for things!

So that’s what I did. I accepted his offer and 6 hours later at roughly 6:30am I was in  Downtown Vancouver waiting to be picked up and head north to achieve something of a life goal for myself.

The result? One of the best experiences of my life.
Beautiful views, fantastic weather, spectacular granite cracks on vertical rock faces. Simply world class!

And there was more to come 300 m more in fact.

DSC02602 DSC02603

And then came a bit of pain squeezing through granite chimney’s. My skin is still scarred.


Really good laugh.

The day was ended with a excellent extra large portion of fish and chips and some beers in a local bar.

The perfect day and the highlight of my trip thus far!
I love British Columbia, they just need to import more IRN-BRU.


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