A whole load of adventures… and not much else

Hei hei!

It’s now been more than 8 weeks since I arrived in Bergen, yet here I am writing this blog post in my break between lectures on my first “proper” day of classes. Having such a large gap in my timetable has been so fortunate as I’ve been able to take time to travel, where I might not have managed this otherwise. I couldn’t really have been luckier with this, as my 3-week long gap between my first four lectures and now happened to coincide with the visits planned by people from home. While obviously everyone’s circumstances will differ, if you are able to plan your classes in such a way that you have the occasional long weekend free, I’d definitely recommend doing so!

IMG_9427Sadly it’s starting to hit home that I am actually here to study, but it would be easy to think otherwise based on how my last month has been spent…

Taking full advantage of the uncharacteristic
ally sunny weather at the end of August, myself and two friends ended up spending a day on a boat owned by one of the locals, who one of my friends happens to know… student life eh?

I also flew to Oslo a couple of weeks ago, where I met my mum and spent a couple of nights, before taking the train back to Bergen, which was one of the most beautiful routes imaginable. Having family come to visit is great (not least because you can take full advantage of not paying for food) and having a personal team photographer at the Color Me Rad 5k was fabulous – pictures to come.

The quite literally breathtaking view from the train

The quite literally breathtaking view from the train



... and after

… and after

My friends and boyfriend also came out for a few days each, and it was great to see them and catch up with what’s happening back home. As I mentioned in my last post, it is inevitable that homesickness will set in at some point, but I found that the easiest way to deal with this was to balance spending time with friends I’ve made here, with keeping up with what’s happening back in Glasgow (keeps FOMO to a minimum).

If you’re not already convinced that this last month has been the furthest cry from how third year typically pans out, I’ve just got back from spending a weekend in Stockholm with three of the girls I met here. Visiting any city which cannot be walked from one end to the other in less than 20 minutes seems completely bizarre now compared to tiny wee Bergen, but the small hike to what is undoubtedly Stockholm’s prize asset was a small price to pay… Yes, the ABBA museum. Having been subjected to a torturous volume of Norwegian rap – no joke – since arriving, this was an absolute luxury.

IMG_0005I’m trying desperately to find anything constructive to include in this blog, but hopefully some light reading will provide a welcome respite to the screeds of information being flung at potential Erasmus students. One piece of advice I’d offer is to get administrative stuff dealt with as early as possible to save headaches later on.

Yes, it was a complete pain having to continually sprint up and down the small mountain of a hill to the law school getting documentation signed, stamped, scanned, whatever else, back and forward for a week or so, but I’m fairly confident that I’ve dealt with it all now… famous last words.

Björn to boogie

Björn to boogie

It’s likely that I’ve forgotten a lot of simple information that would be helpful to anyone considering studying abroad, but I think my brain has quite literally blocked it out now after coping with it for so long. So, as always, if there’s anything else I can help with, big or small, don’t hesitate to email me at 2069152J@student.gla.ac.uk or drop me a message on Facebook.

For now though, I need to somehow morph into a responsible, focused student for the next few weeks, so wish me luck!



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