An Interview With My Flatmates

There is only so much I can advise on this blog, so I decided to get some friends together and conduct an Interview/Debate!

So here you have it!

An exclusive interview with three of the coolest people on campus, you read it here first.

Sam (left), Elliot (middle) and Sofia (right)

Sam (left), Elliot (middle) and Sofia (right)

So guys, first things first: Introduce yourselves briefly.

Elliot: Hello everyone, welcome to todays episode. I’m from Australia, 21 years old, studying Finance and Economics at Lund University for six months and I’m in my last semester. Woohoooo!

Sam: I’m 21 years old and I’m in my third year of university. I am from Newcastle University in the UK and I’m studying Economics and Management. I’m on Erasmus for the full year.

Sofia: I’m 19 years old from Canada, I study at Queens University. I’m here for six months.

What do you regret packing?

Elliot: Mate, I brought, like, 15 kilos of clothes. There’s nothing I regret packing.

Sofia: I regret bringing my router, I didn’t know we had on here already.

Sam: She brought the cables and everything, I was like what the hell sofia, that’s an easy 2 kilos there. I don’t regret anything because I pack very efficiently. Thanks, mum.

Elliot: Naturally, I packed the night before I left.

You’ve been here for a while, so do you prefer Sweden or Home?

Elliot+Sam: 100% Sweden.

Elliot: That’s quite biased though, we’ve only been here 3 weeks and had practically no responsibilities.

Sam: I could retire here. I actually really love it. I really like the atmosphere.

Elliot: Yes, I enjoy this place.

Do you miss home?

Sofia: I like being here, but obviously I miss things back home.

Sam: What could you miss?

Sofia: My dog, brothers, friends…I didn’t live with my family in Canada, but I still had the option of visiting for a weekend.

Sam: I’m quite good at not being around family, but I could see how someone would miss being close by.

What is your opinion on romance when abroad? 

Sam: Absolutely horrendous idea.

Elliot: I think it’s fine. I reckon, don’t go looking for it, expect whatever comes. I would say, don’t be in a relationship if you’re going away for 6 months and you’re not flying back. That’s my opinion, cause if you’re going away there’s going to be an inevitable strain on your relationship. But it doesn’t hurt to see how it goes.

Sam: Just go into a relationship knowing you’re going to break up or that if you stay together, it’s going to be hard.

Sofia: It all depends on the kind of person you are.

Elliot: Just don’t have a set goal, like, if I don’t get in a relationship this trip sucks. I’ll enjoy myself.

Sofia: It’s really easy to meet people here, but it’s different if you’re looking for a relationship or in one.

How do you become a BNOC (Big Name On Campus)?

Sofia: You know what I must say, I’ve made a lot of friends because of [Elliot and Sam].

Sam: Say hello. Ask them how they’re doing!

Elliot: Some people are very reserved, so have a little empathy for them and realise that they are in your exact position. I get so happy when someone says ‘hey’ to me on the street.

Sofia: I think that’s the thing about this school, there are so many international people. So just saying hello when you see people can make their day as well as yours.

So, out of you three, who’s the coolest?

Elliot: *scoffs* There’s no debate there.

Sam: Are you being serious? Have you seen my socks? *points to union jack socks*

If you were payed 5000 SEK (388 GBP), would you get the swedish flag tattooed on your bum? 

Sofia: No. I wouldn’t do it for less than 1000 dollars.

Elliot: *pointing at Sam* See, I know you would do it because you already suggested doing that.

Sam: Actually, yeah. I would have done it for no money so anything else is a bonus really. Wouldn’t you get it done for 5000 SEK?

Elliot: Those are sh*t colours. How bad do blue and yellow look in an old tattoo? It would just look like a permanent bruise.

Last question, what is one thing from Sweden you’ll be bringing back home when you leave? 

Sam: Confidence.

Elliot: I think I’ll be more outgoing when I get home. Just to meet more people, it’s so easy to get stuck in the same friend group.

Sam: Yeah I agree. In England, the culture is very much stick to yourself. You meet so many people when you’re here, and everyone seems to enjoy it so I’ll be bringing that back to Newcastle.

Sofia: Also, whenever you go visit somewhere new you’ll probably have someone you know there. Studying abroad is perfect for making connections.

A short interview, but it just goes to show the different opinions that everyone has on a wide variety of topics. To be quite honest, it made me think of how important it is to get opinions from a variety of different sources. Don’t just ask the people who are at the country you might be considering for your study abroad. For example if you’re looking at Australia, ask someone in Germany too! Everyone is going through similar things, and they will all have valuable information and tips on the same subject. It’s your job, reader, to find them!

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