5 reasons why Hong Kong is the best place for exchange

I know you have all been struggling, trying to choose where to go and why.  So I thought I’d give you a little guide of why Hong Kong is the place to go!

1. Prestigioushku_logo_1d

If you want to go to a worldwide known university, University of Hong Kong is your choice! It is the 3rd best university in Asia and very well known elsewhere. At HKU you will have the pleasure to be taught by professors who have graduated from Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, UC and the list goes on. They will have published multiple papers and books, and you will find yourself easily intimidated by how many times you accidentally stumble upon their names when you’re looking for extra readings. But the best part is that you can comfortably discuss their papers with them, because the professors are very approachable and love when students show interest in their research!

2. Affordable

It is rare and almost impossible to find an elite university for exchange that will not cost you a fortune. I remember planning my budget for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I was ending up with over 15.000 pounds in living costs, and that excluded nights out and unplanned travels! Now don’t get shocked, but do you know how much I pay for my residence here? 500 pounds per…(here we go, make sure you’re sitting down) per semester! That is how much you will be paying for one MONTH in any other country. Just imagine what you can do with those extra thousands of pounds in your pocket.

3. Comfortable

Study Hard Anywhere you wantWhen you live in Hong Kong you rarely realise that you are in East Asia. Everyone speaks perfect English, all the signs and the menus are in English – you can comfortably get around the city even if is is your first time here! I remember I was telling my friends back home how after only a couple of days I felt like I had lived in Hong Kong for months! You will have no problems adjusting and you will feel like home in no time.

4. All the other countries are just one flight away 

Weekend trip to Philippines? A day in mainland China? No problem! You can get a flight to both for less than 50 pounds! Sounds amazing? Wait until you meet people who plan the most amazing trips over the reading week. My friends recently went to Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Shanghai, Beijing – all of these are just within your reach and take less than 3 hrs to get to! Living in Hong Kong will open your horizons!

5. Hikes, beaches and islands Hong Kong view

If you do not have time to travel don’t worry! Being in Hong Kong is an experience itself. There are dozens of hikes for beginners as well and more experiences hikers. There are so many beautiful islands that are only a ferry (for only 2 pounds) away! There are plenty of public beaches, as well as more secret ones on various island! Hong Kong will never get you bored!

Is there anything I didn’t cover and you want to know more?
Email me: veronica.stonko@hotmail.com
Can’t wait to hear from you!



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