Dealing with the lows, work stress and fun


I think the hardest part about my exchange so far has been coping with not being there for events happening back at home. When you first move it feels like such a holiday and it’s so easy to get caught up and let everything you’ve just left behind leave the focus of your mind a bit. Some things have happened back home that have been hard to deal with being so far away – when an awful thing happens to someone usually the best/only thing you can do is physically be there for them – be a distraction and a shoulder to cry on. This just isn’t the same over facetime and the biggest challenge I’ve been faced with is coping with not being there for the people I love back home when they’ve needed me most. Not just not being there during sad things but missing big events is also hard – my Grandma turned 70 and had a big family party and one of my best friends from home GOT PROPOSED TO!!! (Congrats Abi and Jordan!)

So yeah, the toughest part has been being so far away from such a mix of emotional events – not being able to help those hurting or celebrate massive events isn’t easy. I’ve been so lucky to make such a great group of friends here though who have all been great – even just being there to play cards with and be a distraction or having someone to study with has made such a big difference. So my top tip is to appreciate the people around you – knowing people also on exchange is good because they’re going through similar experiences but I’ve also got to know some Aussies which is so fab. It’s surreal to think that some of my exchange friends are already halfway through their exchange so knowing for sure there’s people who won’t be leaving is weirdly reassuring…okay I sound so clingy (apologies pals who actually read my ramblings).

Anyway, this blog has been too depressing and cheesy so summary of the past month: SO. MUCH. WORK. Uni work is nothing like Glasgow where you can pretty much blag your way through the semester and then cram for a final exam – it’s continuous assessment so each week you have set readings and questions which all contribute to your final grade. Also, while everyone back home is STILL on Summer holidays, my mid-term assessments are just beginning so my life consists of a lot of 50% exams and essay due dates looming. What’s also hard is that a lot of exchange people studying here are doing this year as an extra year so they just have to pass, it doesn’t matter what exact grade they get. However, because you don’t do an extra year coming from Glasgow your top 4 grades for the year count towards your final degree. So, for a law subject anyway it’s typically broken down into 3 sections:

  • 10% class participation
  • 40% mid semester exam
  • 50% end of semester exam

One good thing about the exams I’ve done here is that they are open book, which is great. It means you can focus a lot more on applying the law rather than stressing about memorising cases and dates.



As the saying goes: work hard, play harder.

And we have been playing lots.

11954603_10155962838845257_3201335590206714611_n 11951810_10155872641290012_4318732497244419889_n 11935075_10153623303140439_6152014485037659971_n

We all went to Randwick Races the other weekend which was such a fun day of day drinking and winning (losing) money; the coastal walks so close to home still haven’t got old yet; the Opera House being so close is just as impressive as the first time I saw it; and there’s still so many clubs we haven’t been to…and some that we just can’t seem to tear ourselves away from (shoutout to ElTopo for not having lock out rules). My friend had her 21st this Saturday and being able to spend the whole day at the beach was amazing considering it’s not even Summer here yet. I also booked a two-week holiday to Bali over Spring break (upside down world – our spring is in September…) which is going to be INSANE! So far we only have flights booked but the thought of two weeks of sun and no uni stress is motivating me through work.

Same as usual about contacting me about any questions…

Facebook or


me and I’ll try reply ASAP!

peace and love xoxo


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