First Day in Pictures

first picturethe first picture I took in the new city. It’s seven in the morning and slightly too cold for just a jumper.

Only after a few streets I already stumble across one of Melbourne’s famous lanes. Street art is really one defining feature of the city.

nameless alley next to A'Beckett Streetnameless alley next to A'Beckett Street

a restaurant on Franklin Street

It’s everywhere.

The hostel only checks in after 2pm, and so I wander off and explore the campus of my new University:


UniMelb   UniMelb

UniMelb   UniMelb

UniMelb   UniMelb

I leave Uni and on my way into the city I find more street art:

Uniacke Court

   Drewery Alley IMG_20140718_170956   

I make my way into the city, past the State Library and Exhibition Street

Victoria State Library   Exhibition Street

And then:
Flinders Street StationFederation Square.Federation Square

Federation Square   Federation Square

Melbourne looks wonderful and I have only seen a fraction so far. I am looking forward to living in this marvelous city.


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