Day trip to Brussels… and other stuff

Labrusselsst Sunday I decided to escape Paris for a day, and take the bus to Brussels! I only had six hours but it was enough time to walk around, drink some beer, eat les frites (and figure out way too late that they were most likely not suitable for vegetarians…) and get a sunburn.

I had heard from many people that Brussels is a bit ugly and boring, but I definitely enjoyed my little trip, and would recommend visiting Brussels for anyone who hasn’t yet. Compared to Paris it was so quiet and relaxed (maybe that’s also because it was a Sunday…)

I only have nine more days left in Paris. I had my last exam a month ago, the last day of my internship at UNESCO on Friday, and the last day of my part-time job (1h/week… does that even count as part-time?) today! My brother and my father are visiting me now, and tomorrow we are heading to London for a few days (what an exotic destination, I know, but I love London so it doesn’t matter). All I can say is that time has gone by so quickly, and even though I am sad to leave I am also super excited about the summer: today I am booking my tickets to Moldova, where I will be spending one month volunteering this summer!mannekenpis

I will try to write a bit longer post next week about things I will miss in Paris, things I wish I had known before coming here, and so on.


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