Microadventures – Tallarook Ride

It’s easy to let life’s chores get in the way of all those activities and moments you really cherish. Alastair Humphreys said people get stuck in their 9 to 5, but what about your 5 to 9? 16 hours of freedom, that Humphreys loves to fill with what he calls microadventures. Climb a hill, make soup on a camping stove, wake up with the sun and get back into the city. And if these 16 hours aren’t enough, what about the weekends. Trying to get as much aspossible out of my year in Australia, I would try and get out as much as possible. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince yourself that this is really a good idea, but whenever you do it, it’s worth it. Adventures, even the smallest ones, are often just as much bliss as they are burden. But even the moments that seem strenuous or difficult, are more often than not type-2 fun, activities, that are fun only after you stopped doing them. But at least it’s this kind of fun that makes you feel like you deserve it.

One of our very own recent microavdentures was two days of cycling. We left Melbourne in the morning, took the train into the last suburb and then started riding.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 15.53.23

We rode through rolling hills, climbed some long and exhausting ascents, shot down steep and winding roads. It was a long and hard day. We were cursing, whenever we weren’t out of breath, but it was absolutely worth it. We pitched camp on a small and empty site in a state forest, made a fire and some food.


The next morning we left and finished the loop through equally, perhaps slightly easier terrain. At one point a confused kangaroo adopted us as its mob and sprinted along with our bikes for a few kilometres.


The final kilometers to the train station featured one more epic ascent and one of the most technical yet fun descents I have ridden so far.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 15.56.41

Victoria’s countryside is absolutely beautiful and in my opinion there is no better way to experience it than on a bike. These weekends will be some of my most valued memories and I can only encourage everyone to get out and about as often as they can.

Watch some snippets from the ride here:


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