In hindsight: 5 PRACTICAL TIPS

As my year has come pretty much to end, I thought I’d tie up some loose ends and give you some recommendations of things I wish I’d known previously…


  1. Mobile phone
    in Spain I would recommend buying a phone that has internet, or keeping your pay as you go phone and putting a new SIM inside. Everyone I met had whatsapp, even my landlord, so it was extremely necessary to be online, especially as my boss would at times message me to cover a shift.
  2. Flat searching
    I went through an agency which meant I incurred a fee (a month’s rent, which was pretty pricey), but if you go privately and search through facebook, online or even just by walking around town then you won’t have to pay an estate agent fee!
  3. NIE
    Many websites and study abroad blogs say that you need this but I personally found that I didn’t need it for anything! All they asked for was my passport.
  4. Bank Account
    I found this very useful. Make sure your Spanish is pretty good and ask the right questions. Ensure you’re able to transfer money online so you can get the SAAS/student loan/Erasmus+ money into your account so you can spend, spend, SPEND!
  5. Job
    Get a job. Even if you’re studying. This will boost your CV and you’ll learn so much while balancing both uni and a job. This of course is depending on how many contact hours you have a week at your host university but I would really recommend it.
View from my flat

View from my flat

By now you should be preparing to go so, best of luck to all you new Erasmus students! We pass on the baton to you!

If you’re going specifically to Oviedo, contact me and I can give you the information of my landlord.

Any questions or if you’re feeling nosey, message me on facebook: Madeline Pratley

Email me if ya like:

Look at my Instagram, I update that ALL the time: madelinepratley


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