My internship at UNESCO


The amazing view from the UNESCO cafeteria where I have lunch most days! Photo by my intern buddy Rebecca.

This time I would like to write a little bit about my internship at UNESCO’s headquarters and how studying abroad can help you land your dream internship already during your exchange.

It has been about one and a half months since I started my internship at UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector. My main tasks have included helping out with the organization of two conferences: it has been hectic but fun! I have been doing all kinds of different things ranging from updating the conference website to writing news items and designing badges for the participants. It has been a great opportunity to get an insight into UNESCO’s work, meet inspiring people, learn new things and get some work experience that is related to my studies (after all, it is my very first actual internship!) One of the best things about being an intern at UNESCO is that you get to work in a truly global environment. Also, every now and then you get to sneak into important meetings. There are lots of other interns, so you are definitely not the only young person around! Of course, no organization is perfect, but as an intern, you can only do your own part.

Studying abroad looks great on your CV and can help you get the internship or the job you want in the future. However, especially in big cities there are plenty of cool internship opportunities, so you don’t always have to wait until the future! I personally wasn’t actively planning on doing an internship – but when a classmate of mine told that interns were needed to help out with the conferences, I sent out my CV immediately.

My tip for those who are wondering whether it is possible to do an internship while studying abroad? It is possible, so just go for it!


the view from my office! (it was a rainy day…)


5 thoughts on “My internship at UNESCO

  1. Hi! I’m also interning at UNESCO, Paris and wanted to get in touch with you with a few querstions if possible let me know where to contact you


  2. Hello, same as the person commeting above me I might be starting an internship at UNESCO, Paris and I would also like to get in contact with you if it’s not much trouble


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