A day in the life of an Erasmus student – A usual WEEKDAY!

The classic Monday routine, according to me, on Erasmus in Oviedo, Spain.

08:00: The attempt to wake up: After a lot of snoozing of alarms, I get up. Grab some breakfast, and get ready for the day! Sadly, it’s a Monday so it usually takes me longer than usual to feel properly awake.

Morning walk to Uni.

Morning walk to Uni.

09:00: The first lecture to ease myself into the day: I’m doing a subject called “Teoria de Traduccion”, which translates to theory of translation, it’s about the theory and philosophy behind translation. It’s my only course in English and I have to say that knowing background about translating has helped me improve my translations. However, it’s very theoretical and there isn’t much practical work.

10:00: Break time means coffee time. I have a break! So I either go for a coffee (these only cost a euro in most cafes) and grab a pincho (a small snack that are available in Spanish bars) or I hit up the library for an hour catching up on anything I need to do. Coffees in Spain are very TINY compared to the ones you’d find on Byres road.

So titchy! With an inspirational message as well...

So titchy! With an inspirational message as well…

11:00: The second lecture of the day: This is a subject called “Pasado y presente del espanol en el mundo”. This course is pretty interesting. But, last week we didn’t have any classes because there was a change in teacher. On Friday he arrived half an hour late (classic) and he explained he will be arriving late every to class to make sure we’re all ready and waiting for him. Grand. Suppose it means I can spend my break having an extra long break/doing work.

12:00 – 12:30: Short wee break. Another break so I either, go to the bank and pay my rent if it’s the beginning of the month, or I grab some lunch/have more coffee. This is the time of the day when I usually start to crave tortilla. I learnt how to make it myself the other day with the help of my friend Eduardo and there hasn’t been a week that’s gone by now without me making it…

EDU! Mads making tortilla

12:30 – 14:00: The third lecture: (Es una practica), Monday’s are a tutorial class for one of my subjects called “Historia de las mujeres en la sociedad patriarcal”. I love this class, there’s usually a massive discussion between all the students about some area of history or topic regarding women. Last week we had to watch a film called “Casa de muñecas” and analyse the female characters in it.

14:00 -15:00: BREAK! YAS. This is a time when I usually go to the library and do some reading or work on something for another Practica.

View from the library.

View from the library.

15:00 – 17:00: Learning Spanish is fun. For the last three weeks I’ve been taking a Spanish course for foreigners at the university. It counts as 6 credits (so it counts as a subject!) as its two hours every day for four weeks, it’s quite intense but I would really recommend doing it, I feel I’ve definitely improved by doing it.

17:00 – 21:00: WORKING HARD or hardly working. I teach four classes in the evening at an English academy in the centre of town, my first two hours are children and the second two are adults. I tend to bring something to munch on at work because I can get quite peckish.

Working hard or hardly working...

Working hard or hardly working…

21:00 onwards… The time when Spain really comes alive. After work I usually go for a drink with a couple of the people I work with or I head home and zone out infront of the TV watching the quality programme ‘¿Quien quiere casarse con mi hijo?’ – Who wants to marry my son? This is hilarious, my flatmates and I usually howl with laughter when watch it. The prospective women basically chat with the son while the mother sits next to him in silence judging each poor girl. It’s ridiculous, the girls will do anything to impress the son, such as showing their topiary skills or even giving them a 5 minute one woman catwalk show.

Aprovechar el dia

Aprovechar el dia

So after that long day I head to bed, or if it’s not such a long day I head out to the weekly tapas night that ESN/AEGEE host (the Erasmus organisations that host a bunch of social events and weekend trips) or I go out to one of the many bars in the centre.

IMG_6614 IMG_6674

IMG_6618 IMG_6678

So, that’s a normal/busy weekday for me! Hope you enjoyed reading about my day.

Here’s a few places where you can find me/talk to me:

Any questions or if you’re feeling nosey, message me on facebook: Madeline Pratley

Email me if ya like: 2021122p@student.gla.ac.uk

Look at my Instagram, I update that ALL the time: madelinepratley

Hasta luegoooo!

Madeline 🙂


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