Morocco and more


For such a long time I’ve been dreaming about going to Morocco and finally I was lucky enough to make this dream come true. One great thing about studying abroad is that it is often much easier (and cheaper) to travel around – in case of Erasmus this would usually mean discovering other European countries, but since Easyjet sells ridiculously cheap flights from Paris to Marrakech there is no reason not to escape Europe for a while 😉


So basically my boyfriend and I spent five days in Morocco and we had time to experience the souks in Marrakech (where we discovered haggling just isn’t our thing), do a little hike at the Atlas mountains (where we saw some very cute wild monkeys) and admire the seaside (ocean side?) in Essaouira. Even though five days is nowehere near enough to get a realistic image of the country, it is enough to experience a minor culture shock and recover (it is very different, and very amazing). I will definitely go back to Morocco at some point.

Today was the first day of marokko53classes this semester, and that basically means back to Paris reality (which, I admit, I was kind of looking forward to already). This semester I am taking (what I consider as) really cool classes, such as Multiculturalism, Political Anthropology and Childhood&Politics – course registration was, once again, almost like a mini-riot, since the whole website where you can do this (their “myglasgow”) collapsed 15 minutes before the registration was supposed to open… lots of extremely eager students over here.

Also, after the Charlie Hebdo attacks anti-terror measures have been boosted everywhere in Paris – at Sciences Po everyone’s student ID is checked at the entrance and I literally queued to get into (and also to get out of) uni today. I decided not to write much about Charlie Hebdo attacks in this blog. Needless to say though, just like most people in Paris (and around the world) I was also deeply shocked by what happened. All I want to say is I hope and believe that love and unity will be stronger than hate!

That’s all for now, more Paris related posts coming soon! And once again, if you have any questions about Paris, France, Erasmus or studying abroad, do not hesitate to contact me.


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