Fall Break!

I spent last night on the night bus from Cologne to Paris. I paid one euro for it and got even more than what I paid for – there was a German TV crew on board, filming… well… some kind of bus-related drama I guess.

Sciences Po gives you one week off in October, so you have some time to relax, travel and take a break from all the work (well, I did write one essay outline and one article review during my holiday… but other than that). There are so many cool places that are easily (and cheaply) accessible from Paris – if you are feeling adventurous, you can for example take Megabus from Paris to Barcelona for one euro! (definitely on my to-do-list) Most students I know seemed to go to Italy, but I headed to Germany to visit my boyfriend’s family, and after that to Prague!

Visiting Germany… they have trees, hats and dogs there, among other great things.

A little word of advice for those planning on going to Prague:

Don’t expect smiley people or friendly customer service (it’s no Glasgow), but do expect seeing weird and wonderful things, drinking cheap beer and eating yummy food (big portions! and finding vegetarian food was surprisingly easy)

In Prague: make your own sexist gingerbread, eat “strange taste chicken” and meet the horse who forgot how to horse

I think I caught some kind of bug during the holidays (maybe my body is trying to tell me ”I don’t wanna go back to uni yet!!!”) – that means bed, soup and watching Bones reruns. Hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.

This thing is not creepy at all.


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