Four weeks in Paris and a weekend in Nancy!

It’s a cliché but I can’t believe it’s already and at the same time only been four weeks since I arrived in Paris. I’ve had such a great time so far, even though it has also been pretty intense!

The workload in Sciences Po is much heavier than what I was used to in Glasgow. I have to take the full course load (which very few exchange students seem to do) and for each of my six courses I have essays, presentations, critical reviews, group projects… plus all the readings! However I have had time to do other stuff as well. In and around Paris there is something going on all the time. I have already had a picnic by the Eiffel tower and a little wine by the Sacre Coeur, explored the gardens in Versailles, been to an over-priced jazz bar, seen fireworks in La Défense and enjoyed some French karaoke…


It’s still summer in Paris!

Last weekend was the first time I managed to escape Paris and went to visit my best friend in Nancy – a town located only one and half hours away from Paris by train! Reunion with my friend meant of course good food, going out with her French friends and exploring the town… By the way, a tip for those traveling in France: since the trains can be a bit pricey it’s a good idea to check out covoiturage aka car sharing. I did this on my way back from Nancy to Paris and it was very convenient! (of course hitch hiking would be free but I know not everyone is into that).

This time I don’t really have that much more to tell (or to be more accurate, there is so much to tell so I am not sure what to include!) Everything is great and I am not very homesick (/Glasgow-sick) yet, even though some things in Paris can feel frustrating, such as the famous French bureaucracy or not understanding the food labels very well (I accidentally bought lentils in duck fat because of this… puke.) However I really enjoy studying at Sciences Po and have met some lovely people to hang out with, so overall I am just very happy! This weekend my boyfriend is taking the bus all the way from Glasgow to visit me and next week I am leaving Cité Universitaire and moving to my actual Paris home – can’t wait 🙂



some photos from Nancy!


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