First Impressions

So, I’m in Paris! Woop woop! My first few days have been quite busy. I have done lots of important stuff, such as picking up my student card, getting my subway pass, buying a cutting board (and other useful things), visiting my future flat and meeting my future flatmate, eating lots of cheese and baguette and taking a long walk by La Seine. I am starting to realize that I am now actually living in one of the most beautiful, exciting cities in the world – there are so many things to do and so many places to discover!

And now, just a few words about my host university: it’s an excellent university and I can’t wait to start my classes, but also… it’s soooo pretty! Sciences Po is located in the heart of Paris, very near Louvre. Other than that, I don’t have too much to say yet. I missed the (quite expensive) welcome program since I was too busy eating seaweed in Korea, so all I got was a two-hour info session that went pretty much like this: ”Hi, I am person X from service Y and I would love to tell you something useful but we’re running out of time…” alright then… but at least I got a free bag! (it says Sciences Po in it!) 🙂

And what about my accommodation? Well… when I arrived here, me and another student who was also moving in had to wait for quite some time until the security came by and gave us our keys. And now, the kitchen in our residence isn’t working… the microwave, oven, stove, kettle… nothing! But other than that, I’m happy. Again, the Cité Universitaire is also so beautiful that I can’t complain (even though I will… about the kitchen… I want to cook!!!) Also, the area around here is very, very nice: today I witnessed a wedding in a park nearby.

Tomorrow the Sciences Po sports association is organizing a welcome day and I’m going! In the afternoon I am going to meet up with an old friend who has been au pairing in France for the whole summer and is now going back to Finland for her studies. Next week I am starting my classes and will go and try some of the sports and arts courses available (I’m thinking Cuban salsa and French style debating! Might go terribly wrong!) – so stay tuned!

EDIT: Here’s a photo of a dragon that was chilling near Louvre today… crazy things really happen in Paris!! 🙂



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