Spain: The Final Checklist

By the end of this week I’ll be in Spain. Wow, how time flies. I’ve packed up all the worldly possessions that I could possibly need (including that ever essential Kate Moss Rimmel nail polish in the shade ‘Rock n Roll’ – “you just can’t buy it anywhere else!” I tell myself, some things are just nice to have to feel at home… Um, yep, sure Mads).

How to fit your life into two suitcases.

Arty pic of my essentials.

Arty pic of my essentials.

My Top 4 Organisational tips!

  1. Pack for two weeks – no laundry for at least two weeks, means less stress while you’re settling in. Always a good thing!

    More time for fiestas.

    More time for fiestas.

  2. Seasonal clothes – choose clothes that can be used for multiple seasons. Layering is your friend. Where I’m going, Oviedo, is not dissimilar to Glasgow, albeit less rainy, Glasgow has been crowned as the wettest city in the UK. I can confirm this, I have suffered many a long, wet walk home from Viper on a Monday night, or was it a Wednesday? Or a Thursday? … or a Friday…? Ah crap.

    Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

    Keep warm!

  3. Toiletries – buy these when you reach your destination, brands are available worldwide, unless you particularly want to bring something!

    OOOO girly stuff.

    OOOO girly stuff.

  4. Packing – Roll up your clothes! It’s a much more efficient way to pack instead of lying your clothes flat! Also, pack your heavy stuff first and towards the bottom of the bag (I’m leaving room for shoes and trousers etc as you can see below).

    Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

    Technique = shoving it in.

So, following my own top tip, I’m packing two weeks’ worth of clothes, a weird mix of summer and winter clothes, a couple of versatile bags and shoes and any essential electronics or make up, cuz why not eh. Anything else I need I can buy in Spain. I found this article really useful, I printed it out and used it as a checklist. It goes into more depth than I have about the exact kind of items to bring!


In Europe it’s essential to have your EHIC card (if you’re from the EU), which is like a free pass to European healthcare, its easy peasy to order online on the NHS website. However, I have been recommended by a lot of people to take out extra insurance if you want to be covered completely. Be aware you have to purchase this before you even leave the UK and if you’re looking to be covered for the whole year then you may only be able to have two trips home at a maximum of 14 days or 21 days at a time This took me a while to compare different policies and read all the fine print, a lengthy and boring process. Eventually, after scouring the internet for what seemed like days, I went with 24/7 insurance and chose the Backpackers Premium package, I actually found this on recommendation from another SASA, James. We are a useful bunch!


I’ve decided to do a whole blog post on this so more to come later! I will let you know that I have found two flatmates so the hunt for flats begins now!

Saying Goodbye.

Surprisingly this hasn’t been that hard for me, despite having beaut friends like this… NAWW.



I leave in 3 days. Reality is just beginning to hit that I’m not going to see a lot of my close friends and family, and my boyfriend for four months. However, I’ve really tried to have a positive mind-set. I’m going to see these people again and for me it’s just about beginning an adventure in life and embracing this new chapter! If you’re scared about stepping out on your own and going to a new country, then just go for it. There’s nothing better for the soul than stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring a new country.

Right, enough CHEESEYNESS. Follow me on Instagram if you want a more day to day look at Erasmus and the (hopefully) cool things I’ll get to see and do.

I just love self-promoting myself. Geez.

Gonna miss scottish views like this...

Gonna miss scottish views like this…

Hasta pronto en Espana!

Madeline 🙂

Email me if you have any questions at


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