Thoughts on ESPAÑA & Erasmus!

It’s less than two months until the grand départ from the UK to España, the University of Oviedo in Asturias to be exact. Bloomin’ eck, I’m either way too relaxed or I’m panicking. A healthy balance I’m sure…

Oviedo seemed a natural choice for me after I didn’t get my first choice of Salamanca for my language year abroad. Oviedo is the capital of the region of Asturias in northern Spain, as you can see from this helpful map!


OOOO, I even circled it for you!

It’s a small city but really quite an interesting one. It’s apparently Woody Allen’s favourite city in Spain as depicted in his cinematic love story to Spain – Vicky Cristina Barcelona, there’s even a statue of him in the town centre. I’ve gone on google map street view to have a wee look at Oviedo and it looks beautiful, I’m already making a mental note of the best places to eat according to trip advisor. Um anywaaaaays, here is a pretty picture of Oviedo I found of google images.


As for the language learning side of things, something I didn’t know before I went for a month last summer to Santander to work, is that accents vary widely in Spain. Northern Spain is a great choice for doing your language year abroad because the accent is usually easier to understand as the northerners pronounce their words much clearer than down south. Also, Oviedo is less touristy than most of the other University cities in Spain, it’s been described as the untouched heart of Spain. Therefore, for me, the size and characteristics of Oviedo seemed perfect for practising my language skills on a daily basis.

So, what about the Erasmus stuff? Well… all the Glasgow Erasmus students have had their informal pre-departure meeting with an incredibly helpful presentation and the chance to meet the other students going on this exciting journey! (Oh, and not forgetting the free pizza and beer. Much appreciated.) I’ve filled in all my Erasmus forms, of which there are a few, but don’t let that put you off since uni is really helpful in regards to this. Remember to fill them in as soon as you get them, it’ll be a massive weight off your shoulders!

I chose my courses from a document on the Oviedo website, I’m pretty sure I can only just take language/arts related subjects because all the different schools are separated. For example, I’m doing joint honours Economics and Spanish; because I’ve chosen all artsy subjects I stick to that school rather than mix it up with economics/business courses, I’ll just have to catch up when I get back. From what I’ve heard the university gives a two week settling in period so I can change classes if I don’t like them, which makes it less stressful choosing them since I know I won’t be stuck in a class I don’t like.

Can I afford to go?! Well, I’m prepping early finance wise (something I highly recommend, money gives you great flexibility and it means that there’s one less thing to stress about), I’m working at home in Yorkshire and counting my pennies to spend on that famous Asturian cider and textbooks of course…

Not long now until I make my way over to Oviedo. HOW EXCITING!

So many emotions.

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